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Job Search Game

A board game is an experience that leaves a deep trace in the memory of a player.

Teams are formed around the Job Search Game. They solve questions about job searching in a fun way, while playing the game. A game situation is a relaxed one for a young player, and it lacks embarrassing moments. The internal dialogue of the group brings its own spices into the learning. When you play, you learn!

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Youngsters become job search experts

This is how it works!

By playing the Job Search Game, the matters of looking for a job become familiar almost unnoticed. For a young person, the Job Search Game is a fun and easy way to get to know the facts, skills and things you need when looking for a job.

The game produces skills for a youngster to stand out from a group of job-searchers.

Employers meet young people, who have good skills to fit into different kinds of working enviroments, and who know how to have good skills to look for jobs. Young persons learn to make a good job application, and can point out what are the best skills they possess. 

Job Search Game is a traditional board game, where you answer questions about seeking for jobs, and you try to find people who will give you recommentations. Answers are then evaluated within the group. The winner gets the job, but everybody learns!

Playing a game is a natural way for young people to learn. Playing is fun, and at the same time skills to interact are developed. In addition to learning better job-searching ways, it helps develop group work and performing skills.

The game is widely used in Finland, for example in trade schools, high schools, grade schools, in youth centers and libraries. It is also found useful by immigrant counselors and trainers who train people to fit into the working life.